Teacher: Ms Furlong
Class Representative: TBA

Hi Boys,

I am happy to say that we got there, we are nearly finished school.  What an eventful year it was!! Hopefully we will be back to normal in September. We will be learning loads and having fun in the Sunroom.  I am continuing to use the seesaw app for messaging and information I feel will benefit you all. 


I have uploaded another exercise and dance for you this week in the activities section of Seesaw. is called ‘Chicken Dance’. It is great fun!!!  I have also added an activity called ‘Sprinkle Kindness’

I have added a link about farm safety to the Life Skills section. Just click on the 'W' in the blue box.

 Pauline, Dora and I really enjoyed visiting you all this week. Thank you for the great welcome we got in every house.   See you on Wednesday for our last Zoom meeting this year!!


Pauline, Dora & Muireann

Info & links for wk beg Jun 22nd

Cushinstown NS has as part of its school community a special classroom for pupils with autism.  This is our Sunroom.   This classroom is designed so that each child has their own working area and also a group work table for school work, social skills, play and lunch.

The Sunroom consists of one classroom which can cater for up to six children. This class has one class teacher and two Special Needs Assistants.  Our Sunroom aims to offer an autism specific learning environment within a mainstream school. This type of educational setting facilitates optimum inclusion as part of the school community with access to mainstream activities as appropriate.

Within the sunroom there is also a sensory room. The multi-sensory room consists of a bubble tube, specialized mood lighting, mirrors, a weighted blanket and a variety of textiles and mood music.  This room can be used to stimulate a child or help a child self-regulate. The Sun room also has a wide selection of O.T. equipment.  Children access this equipment daily in our spacious and bright assembly/PE hall.

In the sunroom children enjoy such facilities as cooking and baking, the use of sensory boxes and equipment to develop fine and gross motor skills.

Pupils and staff in the sunroom have access to iPads on a daily basis. Apps are used by staff and pupils to re-inforce curriculum objectives. Pupils also enjoy the iPads for unstructured play and social interaction when sharing and they are a popular choice as a reward after completion of school work.

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Ms Stafford (SNA)

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