Teacher: Anne Breen
Class Representative: TBA

Hi to Daniel, Kate, Denny, Pádraig, Abbie, Nathan, Molly, Leah, Lórcan, Niamh, Hannah, Joseph, Sinéad, Billy, Lily, Ruby Murphy, Angel, Paul, Ruby Noonan, Laura, Mikaela, Abi, Darragh, Jayden, Wil and Logan,

Well what can I say to you all only - ‘Well done! You have made it’.

This is your last week in Fifth Class so I’m not going to be overburdening you with work. You have worked so very hard this year and especially hard since March 12th.  I am very proud of each and every one of you.

We would normally have a little party to celebrate reaching the end of the school year but unfortunately this cannot happen this year. So instead, I have emailed you a little video of how well we work together even though we are apart. I hope you enjoy it. Maybe at 12 o’clock on Friday you could give yourself a big pat on the back and say to yourself “Well done, We did it!” and then give yourself and the rest of the 5th Class a clap.  It’s important to acknowledge how brave you have been for the last 15+ weeks. Even though we won’t be together we can still celebrate in unison, at the same time.

I want you all to know that it has been an absolute pleasure to be your teacher this year. If you ever need me for anything at all please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll do my best to help you.

Finally, I wish you all every health and happiness for your summer holidays and the very best of luck next year in 6th Class.


Happy Holidays From


Ms. Breen

Hi - click on image to see your super amazing video!!


Info & work for wk beg Jun 22nd

Hi everyone!!

It's Carol here - Just to say, as always, it's an honour to be part of this fab class.  

Best class in the school!! Have a really fun summer & see you all in 6th class!!😎

Our Class



These are the distances I got back for Friday. Some of them include distances covered since Monday.  Well done to everyone on a sunny Friday.

Carol Stacey 10km + Ms. Breen 7km + Paul 3km + Pádraig 4km + Laura 15km + Lórcan 5km + Leah 3km + Ruby Murphy 3km + Ms. Swan 5km = 55km   

Friday’s Total = 55km   

Overall total = 16km + 67Km + 55km + 82km + 55km = 275km 

Absolutely Fantastic everyone!


We started off at Bannow Bay this morning and then we went past the castles in Clonmines to make our way towards Fethard on Sea. In sight was Hook Head, so we kept going and took a little rest to enjoy the lighthouse.


Finally, this evening we arrived at our destination                             after successfully completing the Wexford Coast Challenge.

Thank you so much everyone for taking part. Have a great weekend!

Friday 19/6/20  

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